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Poo-Pourri by itshappybunny1234 Poo-Pourri :iconitshappybunny1234:itshappybunny1234 2 0 ToonyGoth Sparkle by itshappybunny1234 ToonyGoth Sparkle :iconitshappybunny1234:itshappybunny1234 0 0
April 11, 2016.
It's been almost a week, six days to be more exact, and I've slowly gotten over my disgust of seeing Rolento's nude body out of the shower.  As squeamish as I am about nudity, I guess I have to agree that it was only a matter of time before I would've walked in on him like that.  After all, we share a rather small space together with one bathroom.  I'm just lucky I can temporarily turn invisible when I come out of the shower.
This morning, as I'm getting dressed, I spot Rolento's default programmed outfit laid out on his bunk, just as I've gotten my leggings on over my underpants.  I try to imagine what it'd look like on me, but before I can even proceed to try it on, Rolento emerges from the bathroom wearing only his boxers.  He smiles at me as he grabs the clothes on the bed.
"How are you this fine morning?" he asks as he slips his shirt on over his muscular torso.
"I'm fine.  What about you?" I casually reply, stealing a glance at the be
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Word Pairs (part 2) by itshappybunny1234 Word Pairs (part 2) :iconitshappybunny1234:itshappybunny1234 1 2 Word Pairs (part 1) by itshappybunny1234 Word Pairs (part 1) :iconitshappybunny1234:itshappybunny1234 1 4 Seasons and Elements by itshappybunny1234 Seasons and Elements :iconitshappybunny1234:itshappybunny1234 7 0 Road Signs by itshappybunny1234 Road Signs :iconitshappybunny1234:itshappybunny1234 1 0
Awkwardness (with a capital A)
Early April 2016.
It seems to start as a typical day as I slowly wake up, after sleeping in a bit.  My roommates are getting ready for work, having gotten up earlier than I have.  I've heard one of them go into the bathroom to shower, but after the water has been turned off, I'm not sure whether the bathroom is still occupied.  I wait a few minutes, then get up and climb down from my bunk and head to the bathroom.  I open the door, which was ajar when I got there, and proceed to step into the bathroom, but to my surprise, I see that it's still occupied at the moment.  The occupant has just gotten out of the shower, his hair still wet.  He doesn't notice me at first and still hasn't put on a towel to dry off.  By the sound of his humming, I can already recognize it as Rolento's voice, even though he doesn't look very recognizable without any of his clothes or trademark red beret.  My eyes widen as I realize what I'm seeing.  Oh, fudge.  
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Celestial Van Der Purrs Sketch (24-5-17) by TurboDudley Celestial Van Der Purrs Sketch (24-5-17) :iconturbodudley:TurboDudley 15 2 A Sibling Situation by TurboDudley A Sibling Situation :iconturbodudley:TurboDudley 10 2
Unlocked--Chapter 2
 For I while, I just stare at the being, AKA the so-called ‘brother’, before us.
 A fight is going on inside me. ‘Brother?!’ I think, ‘what brother??’
 A few moments of awkward silence pass until RJ breaks it.
 “Yeah, I see you’re all looking a bit confused. Well, my friends, so am I; after all, I’ve just been unlocked.”
 I shuffle forward a few steps towards RJ, and cautiously extend my hand. “Hey, there. I’m Ralph, Wreck-it Ralph.”
 “Hey there bro,” he replies, beaming, and then shakes my hand with great gusto.
 Then for a brief moment, so brief that I could have missed it, RJ’s arm briefly flickered with green sparks, and then returned to normal.
 “Wait, is he glitching?!” My mind briefly drifted to Vanellope, and the way her code behaved every time she glitched. RJ continues to shake my hand as if nothi
:iconwreckitariel:WreckitAriel 2 0
RnM: Late Birthday Drawings by Lizlovestoons12 RnM: Late Birthday Drawings :iconlizlovestoons12:Lizlovestoons12 4 0 Topaz by estrella121 Topaz :iconestrella121:estrella121 2 0 Space Goofs in Springfield: Smithers vs. Aliens by Lizlovestoons12 Space Goofs in Springfield: Smithers vs. Aliens :iconlizlovestoons12:Lizlovestoons12 3 4 Marina - South Park Style by C5000-MakesStuff Marina - South Park Style :iconc5000-makesstuff:C5000-MakesStuff 17 3 Pixel Lapis[2] by kioler Pixel Lapis[2] :iconkioler:kioler 471 33 Rose by FGVectors Rose :iconfgvectors:FGVectors 2 2 Skyfire: Paige (Natural Appearance) by Tulmur95 Skyfire: Paige (Natural Appearance) :icontulmur95:Tulmur95 8 25 FBnCC: CC+GW: Family Photo by Lizlovestoons12 FBnCC: CC+GW: Family Photo :iconlizlovestoons12:Lizlovestoons12 6 9 RnM: The Painter and the Convict (title card) by Lizlovestoons12 RnM: The Painter and the Convict (title card) :iconlizlovestoons12:Lizlovestoons12 6 0 Socialization: Isolation by Annalyne-Frazer Socialization: Isolation :iconannalyne-frazer:Annalyne-Frazer 1 3 Voluptious Vixen by TurboDudley
Mature content
Voluptious Vixen :iconturbodudley:TurboDudley 23 9
PC: *Hot Underwear* by CottonCatTailToony PC: *Hot Underwear* :iconcottoncattailtoony:CottonCatTailToony 47 13 Kitty Has Found Something By paws and furs by Agentjoe90 Kitty Has Found Something By paws and furs :iconagentjoe90:Agentjoe90 7 2



Tail Control
Originally, I was going to have my tail be sentient from a magic anon spell, but during a more recent RP with :iconthe-scarved-whovian: a few months ago, I decided to make it a regular, normal, if you will, thing for my tail.  So, if you're wearing a dress, skirt, etc. you might want to watch out!
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United States
Don't be fooled by my username; Happy Bunny isn't really my name. It's just the name of one of my favorite characters. Along with that, I love cartoons, music, and goth/punk fashion. :iconblackheartplz: :skull: :iconbatplz: :skullbones: - Cars 2 Mater Stamp - by toonartt - Fillmore Stamp - by toonartt - Sarge Stamp - by toonartt - Acer Stamp - by toonartt - Grem Stamp - by toonartt - Brent Mustangburger Stamp - by toonartt - David Hobbscap Stamp - by toonartt - Darrell Cartrip Stamp - by toonartt - Lizzie Stamp - by toonartt - Rod Torque Redline Stamp - by toonartt

I'm also on Tumblr: surgexdevinlavernexprotector.t…
Current Residence: United States
Favourite cartoon character: Too many to list
(taken from :iconnadairead:)

Mike Wazowski

[ ] You're very ambitious
[ ] You're very short
[ ] Your favorite color is Green
[ ] You wear/have worn braces
[ ] You like to study
[ ] You always give your best to achieve your goals
[ ] You tend to be narcissistic
[/] You're critical
[ ] You overestimate yourself sometimes
[ ] Your sign is Scorpio


James P. Sullivan ("Sulley")

[/] You're tall (I wish I was a lot taller, though.)
[x] Your favorite color is Blue
[x] You're somewhat selfish
[ ] You act tough
[x] You learn by doing
[ ] People adore you
[ ] You cheat to get what you want
[ ] You're strong
[x] You're loyal
[ ] Your sign is Leo


Terri & Terry Perry

[/] You like to dance (only for fun)
[ ] You can be snarky
[ ] You like to meet new people
[ ] You do magic tricks
[ ] Your favorite color is Yellow
[x] You have a slender body
[ ] You're a twin or you have a brother
[ ] You like parties
[ ] You're eager
[ ] Your sign is Aquarius


Scott "Squishy" Squibbles

[x] You're in touch with youur inner child
[ ] You're living with your mom
[x] You like to have friends
[ ] Most people underestimate you
[ ] You can be scary
[ ] You're good at sneaking up on people
[ ] You're an party-animal
[ ] You're short
[x] You have an innocent personality
[ ] Your sign is Aries



[x] You're mysterious
[x] You have "the chill" most of the time
[/] Nobody knows abot your past (Some people kinda do know, but not many people.)
[x] Your favorite color is Purple
[ ] Your body is flexible
[ ] You have a life outside the house
[ ] You keep a journal/diary
[ ] You don't work out
[ ] You like to cause trouble
[x] You don't care much about responsibilities


Don Carlton

[/] You're mature
[ ] You're looking for a new life goal
[x] You're a good guy
[x] You always try your best
[x] You wear glasses
[ ] You're chubby
[x] You're somewhat awkward
[ ] You like to hang out with younger people
[ ] You stick to your friends no matter what
[ ] Your sign is Cancer


It seems that I'm most like Sulley, Art, and Don.


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